Thursday, March 3, 2022

So I really like to dredge up old work and see if I can't do it a solid and finish. That's whats going on here, I took a study I didn't really finish and made something out of it. I think it turned out pretty rad if I do say so myself 

From sketch to finish, but not quite, there's a digital sketch before this that I printed out and light-boxed to get to the rough pencils, so this is really a rough and color kinda process, I'm not that happy with the foreground couch, but overall I like the vibe of the piece


 Doing a bit of fanart from Chrono Trigger, I always thought Magus was a cool guy but hella arrogant even after you beat him


Sometimes you just have a really dope sketch that does most of the work for you

 Learning what to keep, what to toss, and what to elaborate on is getting to be real important in these, but I like that its a bit of a more solid process now

Feels like I honestly forgot what I was going for while I was painting, I should probably try to flip back and forth between the sketch and the painting as I'm painting over it

Was trying to figure out how I wanted to approach painting my very rough and sometimes dumb sketches, starting by laying out things underneath sketch and then on-top of things seems to work very well for me no doubt

Most Really Pretty Girls...



You're just gonna have to bare with me here, but she was supposed to say "Most really pretty girls have ugly feet" Its a song title from HNNY and I just think its a neat track and kinda funny in a dumb way

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